About Hyvor
Simply, We are Hyvor!
We are a small team of Sri Lankan developers and graphic designers who are working to reach an aim: Introduce the world's best private messaging app on 25th of November 2019. Our target is to help people with private communicating. We are doing our best to shape our messaging app to connect people, not to separate them.

Along with this target, we are working on some side projects. Our main side project is Hyvor Talk, which is a commenting platform for websites.
No 86 ,
North East Park,
Dammadawatte Road,
The Start
Hyvor was founded by Supun Kavinda in 2018. Our journey started from publishing our developer website online in January, 2018. Since then, we kept growing step-by-step, and still do. Always, we like to run a slow journey, because slow steady progress is better than fast, daily excuses.
Our Team
Team: Together Everyone Achieves More. We love that word! So, we work in a team, to achieve our target. All of us are Sri Lankans. Our team is formed with talented web developers and graphic designers. All of them works hard to make the world better.
The day is the 25th of November 2019! The future starts on that day. We know until then, we will have so many good times and bad times. But, we are sure that we won't have bad times after the "big day".