Hyvor Talk comes all in one commenting and reaction system which is created with a smooth and perfect design. Everything happens in real-time! Its eye-taking interface does not allow users to exit from the page without adding a reaction or leaving a comment.

Hyvor Talk works in real-time! All the comments, replies, upvotes, downvotes, reactions, comment deletions, comment editing are real-time.

Hyvor Talk protects you from spam using its own spam filtering methods.

The best thing about Hyvor Talk is the ability to write awesome and engaging comments. Text formattings like bold, italic, underline, and inline codes are fully supported. Hyvor Talk supports 24 programming languages for code highlighting. (This is the closest reason for developers to use HT in their websites.)

The next awesome feature is expanded writing. Expanded writing opens a new textbox at the bottom of your webpage, which allows you to write comments while scrolling and re-reading the content of your website.

Emojis! Most of commenting systems do not support emojis. But, Hyvor Talk supports more than 1000 emojis.

The power of Hyvor Talk is appearance customization. All font family, Dark mode, colors, comment box text, reply box text, comment button text, reply button text, reactions text, no comments text are customizable in the console. Color customization allows you to manually make Hyvor Talk the same a part of your website.

Installing Hyvor Talk on your website is pretty easy. You have to add a little Javascript code into your website adding some variables to it. The Hyvor Talk console will show you how to do that.

Simply, Hyvor Talk is the best commenting platform for your website!