Bringing traffic to your blog involves a great amount of effort.
Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Personal Social media
As a new blogger, this is your first and easy bet. Start sharing your posts with your friends and family on any social media platform you use.

2. Social media marketing
Now, create a fb page, twitter profiel etc for your blog and start sharing it with friends for more likes. Keep your profiles updated with latest posts.
Facebook: use fb group. They can bring you a lot of traffic. Join the groups that are related to your field or the kind of art your blog is about and get active in them. Talk to people, comment on what they share and then carefully promote your blog too. Twitter: use proper hashtags. Hashtags help people looking for information. Think of what a person must sesrch for to see your post. Try to use commonly used hashtags.
Google+: they also have communities like facebook has groups and hashtags like twitter thing. Exploit it and enjoy it. You can use any social network you like. Pinterest and instagram are good too. Remember that they key to get traffic from these is genuine networking. And through that you can gain some really loyal readers or fans.

3. Social bookmarking
There are sites like stumbleupon, digg, delicious which let you share links to your site. Though, you would get more traffic if you use these sites regularly not just for sharing links but also to read the stuff posted over there. But even if you must share links, you can get 5-10 visitors per post which is still good.

4. Blogging communities
Here you will find people who are in the same field as yours and are looking for exactly the same thing as you are. They are most probably soing the same things as you are doing. Therefore, if you network with them and make them read your posts, you can also hooe for hem to share them in their social networks which make the whole cycle continue. Some popular blogging communities i use are klinkk, indiblogger, kingged, aha-now blogging community These were some easy and free ways to bring traffic. You can also use paid ads - facebook ads, twitter ads, google ads but as a beginner, start with the first four free options.
Those were some quick ways. While working on that, you also need to work on bringing organic traffic i.e. Natural traffic from sesrch engines like google etc to your blog. As you have mostly images on your blog, make sure you give proper alt name, name and description to the pictures you upload. Dont use really high quality pictures for they would increase yiur page load time and decrease chances of your success. Your website should be very fast. Use seo plugins like seo by yoast for setting focus jeywords and description and post lot of original content. From Quora