We all have the experience of writing comments. If someone says that he/she never had an experience of writing comments that is totally weird. Now we are living in a world where Information and Communication Technology has become "Compulsory".

Actually, writing comments is art. Why it is said like that?

  1. They are used in Appreciation
  2. They are used in Giving Suggestion
  3. They are used in giving reviews

Art has its own discipline. So do Commenting. We have seen many people using Mean Comments on social media, blogs etc. Why do they behave like that? Is that behaviour compulsory in Commenting? NO, It's not! Every person who has engaged in commenting even at one time must behave well in Commenting.

Let's take a look at the following example.

This person has used slang words for his comment and it is not the way he had to express his ideas.

This is not what you need to do.

It's time to think twice

How to Write Good Comments

Let's see the way you can write good comments and reviews. This is not a serious case to involve. Every person can write Good Comment in their own way and language. But, you have to be so kind and gentle when you are expressing your ideas through comments.
Do you know why? It's because Words are more powerful than bullets!!!

People feel anger, happiness, sadness, guilty etc. But as human, we have to control every feeling that we feel.

When writing comments, you may feel any of the above-mentioned feelings. So you have to be so smart and well mannered with your comments.

Let's take an example from the day to day life.

Imagine you saw a beautiful design on social media which has been done by someone. You see it so beautifully and you see the potential in his work. So you feel that you need to give your comments on that work. Now how will you do that? Let's see some good phrases that you can use.

  1. Wow, what a great design!
  2. Well done! Keep it up
  3. You have done it well
  4. I think you should improve a bit! well done!

There are many more phrases that you can use to express your good ideas through comments.

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Difference between Good comments with positive ideas and Good Comments with Negative ideas

What is the meaning of this? Let's go ahead. A good comment is not just group words which include "wow", "marvellous", "superb", "keep it up" etc. A good comment is a group of pleasant and polite words which can express both positive and negative ideas, suggestions.

If you want to point out something you dislike to someone through a comment, you can do it like this.

  1. Actually, I have to tell you this
  2. Frankly, I don't like saying this but
  3. For some lesson
  4. I'm sorry to tell you

The above-mentioned phrases are just like few droplets from the ocean. There are many more polite phrases that you can write a good comment with negative ideas.

Just try it yourself and feel that potential in you by writing good comments.


Now you have an idea about in Writing Good Comments. Do your own responsibility that mother nature has given to you by giving loving and polite words through a comment. Make this world a better place more than it is. Enjoy yourself with Writing Good Comments. Cheers!

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