Hello Dear Web Master,
It seems like you are currently not using a commenting plugin on your website. It's not that good. You should consider adding a commenting plugin to your website. It makes your users feel more connected to the page admins and moderators. They can share their ideas about your website and you can improve your website on their ideas.

I have currently developed a commenting platform for websites. It's available at https://talk.hyvor.com. Note that it's free for use. You can customize it and use it on your website to look as same as your website. You can learn more about the features on our website's homepage.

I invite you to take a look at our platform. If you like it you can simply add it to your website within 5 minutes. If you have any question please contact me anytime.

Also, If you add it to your website, please let me know your comments, suggestions, and everything you think about the platform.

Thank you.