Website Design Guide.

Designing a website needs careful thinking and planning.
The most important thing is to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.
Users are Scanners.

A typical visitor will NOT read the entire content of your Web page! No matter how much useful information you put into a Web page, a visitor will only spend a few seconds scanning it before he/she decide whether to leave or to stay. Be sure to make your point in the very first sentence of the page! After that, try to keep the user occupied with short paragraphs, and new headers down the page.
Less is More except in the case of product descriptions.
Keep the pages as short as possible.

Use a lot of space! Pages overloaded with text will kill your audience. If you have a lot to say, break your information into smaller chunks and place it on different pages!. Create a consistent navigation structure that is used by all the pages in your Web site. Make visitors stay on your page. No LINKS to send visitors to OTHER WEBSITES. Download/Page Loading Speed.

Sometimes developers are not aware of the fact that some pages take a long time to load. Most visitors will leave a Web page that takes more than 7 seconds to? load. Test your web pages over a low-speed modem connection.
Let your Audience Speak!, feedback is a very good thing!