Hyvor Talk, we say call it the best commenting and reaction platform. Not only us but also our customers say the same.

Why did we create Hyvor Talk?

It’s a nice story. First, we were thinking about what to build. Then we realized most of the bloggers and web developers do not have an easy (and free) way to add a commenting plugin for their website. They had to use a premium commenting plugin or a plugin with ads.

So, we thought of creating an awesome customizable commenting system. We started Hyvor Talk. When we were developing Hyvor Talk, we got the idea about a reaction plugin. So Hyvor Talk became commenting platform + reaction plugin.

Who uses Hyvor Talk?

Many websites worldwide use Hyvor Talk, and the numbers are counting. Our target is to let more than 1 Million websites to use Hyvor Talk. For that, we need your kind help.

Who can use Hyvor Talk?

Anyone. You can either be commenter or website owner anytime by just signing up to Hyvor.