HYVOR for Enterprise
An enterprise solution with SAML, priority support, self-hosting, and more.
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All products, simple billing
Our enterprise plan includes access to all our products (Hyvor Talk, Hyvor Blogs). Empower your team members to create unlimited resources — whether it's websites or blogs — without the hassle of seeking prior approval or adding payment details. Faster innovation, better results.
Set up SAML SSO for your organization using your identity provider. Allow your team to log in with a single click. Secure and easy.
User Management
Manage your team members and their permissions easily in one place.
Enterprise Support & SLA
Get priority support directly from our team. 99.9% uptime guarantee. SLA available.
Security audits & NDA
We are open to security audits and sign NDAs to ensure your data is safe. Security is our top priority.
Compliance & Privacy
We are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations. We take privacy seriously and ensure your data is safe.
Self-Hosting (coming soon)
Host HYVOR on your own servers for better control and privacy. This feature is coming soon!
Access to our enterprise Slack
Get access to our Enterprise Slack channel for faster, private support. Invite up to 5 managers, developers, or team members. Get access to our roadmap, feature requests, and beta programs.
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