Enterprise Plan

HYVOR Enterprise plan is designed to meet the specialized needs and scale of large organizations and businesses. In addition to our standard SaaS features, we provide a range of enterprise-grade features in our Enterprise plan.

  • SAML SSO - Make authentication easier for your team.
  • Self-Hosting (coming soon) - Host HYVOR on your own servers using Docker.
  • User management - Manage users in your account.
  • Audit logs - Keep track of all the activities in your account.
  • SLA & Support - Get priority support and guaranteed uptime.
  • Access to our Enterprise Slack Workspace - Get in touch with our team directly.
  • Security audits & NDA

Furthermore, our standard SaaS version already includes many enterprise-grade features:

  • Privacy-by-design
  • Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations
  • Role-based access control (product-level)
  • Analytics
  • API & Webhooks
  • Data export
  • High availability & scalability

For more information, please contact sales.