6 Famous Websites with Commenting Platforms

“Successful blogging is not about one-time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.” There is a great deal of insight contained within that quote, which will be fleshed out with examples in this article.

Crafting great content may be the bread and butter of any blog. Not many are aware of the importance of having an infrastructure that will help post comments. This particular article serves to highlight 6 websites with commenting platforms that are famous. 

David Aston takes credit for this great quote — “Successful blogging is not about one-time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.” Moreover, the latter quote will form the foundation for this article. There is a great deal of insight -- 6 insights -- contained within that quote, which will be fleshed out with examples in this article.

We wrote an extensive article about the 5 Reasons for Enabling Comments. The latter article serves to offer weight to the idea that the art of commenting is the cement that binds the content of a great blog together. 

We encourage you to read the above article. We have analyzed 6 famous sites that have comment sections that are unique in their own right. Having the right commenting platform will transform digital visitors into loyal brand followers by embedding an immersive social experience. 

Insight 1 - Neil Patel 

Neil Patel is known as a top influencer on the web and has a list full of accolades. He generates a great deal of useful content, and as a digital marketing entrepreneur, he churns out tips and tricks that help your business be seen on the web.

Caption: A Comment on Neil Patel's blog that raises a great point

The above screenshot is from one of his well-researched blog posts titled 8 Blog Commenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs. Alice Thwaite has offered praise and has learned quite a bit about how commenting can lead to an enhancement of your personal brand. It must be said, blogging is key with great content being generated, but what is important is getting an opinion on the information you put out. This certainly is something that will create a sense of loyalty.

Insight 2 - ProBlogger

ProBlogger is an excellent resource when it comes to read things blogging related. It is a well-rounded blog and is something that aspiring bloggers and content creators should read. This excellent blog has a user-friendly and intuitive commenting platform that is powering its comment section.

Caption: Positive feedback in the comment section creates a sense of community

The above comment interaction takes place on the topic of 13 Tips for Building Authority and Influence. While the issue detailed on the blog is certainly useful, having readers respond to each other and the topic written about is a huge plus. The more interaction there is within the comment section means that the blog article has a better chance with the search rankings on Google etc.

Insight 3 - TechCrunch

Apple introduces iOS 12 was a trending topic when it was launched, and trust TechCrunch to do the whole topic justice. This is certainly a popular publication that offers technology news, opinions, and analysis on tech companies from around the world. As you would expect there are a great deal of topics being posted with quite a bit of interactions.

Caption: Clearly an unhappy user. Feedback whether positive or negative would be of some serious value to a company like Apple

While topics on tech can be as divisive as political affiliations, remember that being part of the conversation is important to all stakeholders. In the case above, there are some valid points being posited. Moreover, a link to a Medium article is placed to further cement the initial argument. So this is some useful feedback and would be a perfect opportunity for others who feel the same way to agree with and voice their concerns.

Insight 4 - HuffPost

There's a huge part of the commenting game that needs to be showcased, and that is the commenting policy. HuffPost has been a leading publication that has been a mover and shaker in its space. Highly regarded and quoted often, this uber-cool publication generates a great deal of content and offers a reason to be a part of their community.

Caption: When it comes to any social interaction, the rules of the game need to be clearly stated

That said HuffPost has one of the best commenting and moderation policies. The above policy is very comprehensive and gives fair warning to those who are trying to spam, troll, and just get involved in off-topic chatter.

Insight 5 - wpbeginner

15 Best and Most Popular CMS Platforms in 2020 (Compared) is another trending topic that has been quite a bit in the news when it comes to the art of blogging. This website is extremely useful and is perfect for those who desire to learn about blogging and creating content. As you can see in the screenshot below, this site has some great interactions simply based on the content they post.

Caption: Commenting can be complemented with an interaction, which shows social proof

When it comes to interactions, remember that a user-friendly experience is highly acceptable. When choosing websites with commenting platforms, remember that the vast majority have a feature-rich commenting platform that offers visually-attractive emoticons that will make the commenting experience truly immersive and social. After all, a bland experience is never a good thing when you are hoping to create a site that is content rich, easy to offer feedback, and useful from an overall perspective.

Insight 6 - Backlinko

Backlinko is without a doubt one of the best authoritative sites that give some serious value to its audience. Brian Dean is one of those authority figures who walk the talk. His article The Definitive Guide To SEO In 2020 was one of the most shared on social media, and one which has led to many interactions in the comments section.

Caption: Brian Dean responding to the majority of comments means he is adding to his authority by being helpful and approachable

Websites with commenting platforms like Backlinko would need to be highly functional and well-thought-out. Brian responding to almost every single comment and offering more insight only serves to enhance his authority in his space.

Some Thoughts

Remember the introduction to this article with a quote from David Aston? We managed to showcase 6 famous websites with commenting platforms offering 6 important points as to how a comments section should be. Raising questions and giving feedback; interacting with the commenting community; providing positive or negative feedback; having a comprehensive commenting policy; installing visual and social reactions; and, talking with your audience directly are a few of the insights that these comments section should offer.