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Here's How WordPress Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Here's How WordPress Can Help Your SEO Efforts

With millions of websites vying for visibility online, it would hardly come as a surprise that SEO is a very important topic today. This blog post tries to highlight how WordPress can help your SEO efforts.

Best Premium WordPress Plugins

Best Premium WordPress Plugins

Are you wondering on how to grow your WordPress site fast with effective plugins?

How to Start a WordPress Blog

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Take it from someone who has no coding experience at all — starting a blog on WordPress is something that's quite an easy task.

How to Migrate from WordPress to Wix

In this article, the following will be discussed in detail with all the necessary guides and steps.

Deleting All Comments on WordPress in Bulk (Three Methods)

Commenting proves to be an efficient tool that helps you build a strong relationship with your website’s users. In this post, we illustrate the three methods that can be utilized in deleting all comments on WordPress.

Adding Comments to Wordpress with Hyvor Talk

Here is how you add comments to WordPress with Hyvor Talk.

Wordpress vs Ghost: What’s Better for Business Blogging?

This is a brief overview of whether WordPress or Ghost really is better for business blogging.

WordPress Comments - The Beginner's Guide

Comments are an essential part of almost every WordPress website. However, it is important to have comments under control: zero spam and allowed under the pages or posts you want them to appear.

8 Tips to Prevent Comment Spam on WordPress Sites

In this article, we will learn what is spam, ways to decrease spam, and software out there to detect spam.

Migrate from WordPress to Jekyll in 3 Steps

So, you are here because you need to migrate from WordPress to Jekyll. You are at the right place! I'll explain to you how to do just that in 3 steps (this takes approximately 30 mins).