A note on issues on Safari...

A note on issues on Safari...

We are aware of the issue that Hyvor Talk not loading on the Safari browser for some users for a few weeks. This is only happening randomly for some users, which makes debugging harder.

We understand that this is frustrating for you. For now, you will need to use a different browser to comment on websites that use Hyvor Talk. As a temporary solution, turning off the Cross-Site Tracking Prevention option in Safari settings has worked for some.

If you have this issue, we would really appreciate it if you can provide us with these details (in the comments below or at [email protected]):

  • Device (Ex: iPhone)

  • Safari version (Check this post on how to find it)

  • macOS/iOS version (MacOS guide here, iOS guide here)

We'll keep you posted.

Fix 1:

We noticed that this issue has to do something with using our old installation code which had /embed instead of embed.js. We changed it from embed to embed.js more than a year back. However, the latest versions of Safari seem to have some issues with that.

If you have the following line in your installation code

1<script type="text/javascript" src="//talk.hyvor.com/web-api/embed"></script>

Change /embed to /embed.js

1<script type="text/javascript" src="//talk.hyvor.com/web-api/embed.js"></script>

This fixed the issue for the Safari browsers we checked. Let us know if that works for you.

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