A New Look on Hyvor Blogs

We added a few updates to Hyvor Blogs.

Now that HYVOR has multiple products, we found ourselves repeating ourselves when designing frontends for each product. Therefore, we spent the last few months designing an open-source design system to use as a base for all products.

Then, we re-wrote the front end of Hyvor Blogs in 4 weeks, using our new design system. You will notice the UI upgrades on the website and in the Console.

A new font

Ishini insisted that we migrate to this beautiful, open-source, elegant font, Readex Pro.

Readex Pro
Our new font

Hyvor Blogs now uses this font. We’ll be updating the font across HYVOR very soon!

Post-editor layout changes

Well, we went through multiple changes to the post editor. This time, we focused on giving more space to what matters without cluttering the interface.

Linking made easier

In the Console, you can now link to headings and posts seamlessly.

When you add a link, Hyvor Blogs will show the headings in the current post to make linking to them easier.

Linking to anchors in the Hyvor BLogs

You can also now search and link to your posts in a few clicks.

Linking to posts in the Hyvor Blogs Console


The famous drawing tool, Excalidraw, is now embedded within the image uploader to help you quickly draft a sketch as you write.

Excalidraw embedded

Know what you change!

Editing a published post is risky business. Now, we display all the changes you made before updating a published post.

Updating a post

New Landing Pages

We have given some love to our landing pages as well. Also, with a new “temporary blog” feature that allows you to create a blog in a couple of seconds to test Hyvor Blogs.

new landing pages on Hyvor Blogs

We hope you enjoy the new UI update. More features are coming very soon!

Start your blog with Hyvor Blogs