New Auth

We have moved authentication from to

We have moved authentication from to

Automatic redirects are set from to, so if you have login instructions on your website, nothing has to be changed.

Other Changes

  • No social logins: Technically, we never had social logins. However, the old system had a way to fill out the signup form easily using Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. However, we have removed that, and instead, we have worked on making signup easier.

  • Easier signup: Now, only the username, email, and password are required to signup for Hyvor. The username will be used as the display name by default in Hyvor Talk. You can set up a different display name later in account settings.

  • Location: Previously, you only had the option to set the country. Now, you can set any specific location, without any restrictions. This information will be shown in your user profile in Hyvor Talk.

  • Contrast issues fixed: We have fixed the color contrast issues we had in the previous system.

If you have any issues with logging in or signing up, please get in touch with us at [email protected].