Reasons Why Comments are Important for a Blog

Comments are the most crucial part of the success of a blog. So, it is worth knowing the importance of comments for a blog. Let's see what they are.

When a blogger is concerned about the success of his/her own blog, there are certain things that the blog owner needs to take care of. Among all of them, comments are the most crucial part of the success of a blog. So, it is worth knowing the importance of comments for a blog.

What are Comments?

Comments are the medium that connects blog owners/writers and users/readers. Moreover, comments are the way that readers/users communicate with other readers/users as well as with the owner or the writers. However, it is known that most bloggers are on the fence about making a decision on whether to enable comments or not. This article helps bloggers to take the right decision.

First of all, it is important to have a good commenting system for a blog. Tip: Bloggers these days search for Disqus alternatives. A good commenting system attracts users/readers to comment on the blog and it also improves user interaction. Secondly, bloggers need to ask questions from readers. This makes users/readers answer your questions and carry on the discussion. They will find the blog interesting then.

It is also important when replying to readers'/users' comments. Whether the comments are negative or positive, the reply should be polite.

The Importance of Comments

The Importance of Comments
The Importance of Comments

As mentioned above, comments play a huge role in the success of a blog. It is important to enable comments on a blog. So, here are the 5 reasons that express the importance of comments for a blog.

1. Builds the Connection between Users and the Owner

Comments build the relationship between the readers/ users and the owners/writers. Imagine this scenario; In a blog, readers wanted to discuss several things with other readers and give their opinion to the owner/ writer of the blog. In that case, users search for the comment box of the blog. If there is no comment section, they give up. According to that scenario, one can understand how comments are important to communicate readers/users with the owner/writers.

Moreover, in most of the posts/ articles on blogs, writers ask the readers to comment below in case of any questions or to give their suggestions. So, readers tend to comment freely on the blog expressing their ideas. Not only do they comment, but also they have a talk with the authors/owners of the blogs too. This creates a huge impact on improving the blog's success.

It is not wise to disable comments on blogs.

2. Creates the Connection Among Other Users/Readers

Not only do owners and users discuss each other, but also users discuss with other users, too. They discuss certain things through the comment section of a blog. This helps to create a good user interaction of a blog.

3. Acts as the Medium of Improving User Interaction

When a blog has comment sections, readers tend to express their ideas through comments and discuss certain things with others. These discussions go on for a long period of time. So, that helps to improve user interaction of a blog.

4. Create Backlinks

When users/readers comment on blogs, it helps to create backlinks, which in turn generates traffic. MostĀ of these links areĀ no-follow linksĀ and thus, carry little value; however, the process is still helpful.

For newer blogs, comments help in faster indexing on the web.

5. Improve SEO

Quality comments make a blog super in SEO. Generally, there are two ways that comments improve the SEO of a blog.

  • Comments with quality outbound links.

  • Comments containing ranking keywords.


Through this article, bloggers can get a decision on whether to enable comments or not. If you have any questions, or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to comment below. Happy Blogging!āœŒ