Hyvor is now French 🇫🇷

Hyvor is now French 🇫🇷

We have migrated HYVOR to France. We are the same team, we have the same ethics, it's just a new entity under the EU umbrella.

What's Changed?

  • Terms of Service

    • We have further explained how spam detection and moderation work in Hyvor Talk.

    • We have added Website Eligibility guidelines

    • We have integrated Subscription terms into the main terms page. The old Subscription & Payment terms page is now removed.

    • Governing Law is updated

  • Privacy Policy

    • Only minor changes - All data is handled the same way as before

If you have signed a DPA...

If you have previously signed a DPA (or any other binding contract) with our Sri Lankan entity, you will need to re-sign a new one. Any previously signed documents will no longer be valid as we have completely changed the entity. If you would like to sign a new DPA, please follow this link.

Billing & Pricing

We will continue to use Paddle.com as the Merchant of Record. We have worked with them to ensure the legal aspects of the entity change are validated. There is nothing to be changed on your side. We have recently changed our pricing on the 1st of July, but it does not affect current customers. If you have signed up for the trial before the 1st of July, you can pay old subscription prices. You can switch between plans anytime keeping the same old rates.

In addition, we have added new Storage Limits for image uploads. This applies to current customers too. Find more details here.

Other Changes

  • Customer Support: We are defaulting customer support to email. We will no longer be providing live chat support. Feedback can be posted on our community website: https://community.talk.hyvor.com

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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