Hyvor Talk Version 3 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Hyvor Talk version 3. New embed, console, APIs, and many performance improvements.

We are excited to announce the release of Hyvor Talk version 3.

Here is some feedback published on our Discord server from our customers who have already migrated to v3.

  • “V3 is excellent”

  • “full of positive feedback on the mobile experience with V3”

  • “Loading is faster”

  • “regarding console V3 - I positively LOVE that it is now possible to view a reply, its parent comment, and click to view the full thread! That's incredibly useful. 🏆⭐⭐⭐⭐”

  • “Personally. I’m very happy with this v3. A very big improvement for Hyvor. SSO accounts have more features now”

Should I migrate?

Yes, we highly recommend you migrate to version 3. Read this guide for more information. We will support version 2 until the 15th of December 2023. After that, we will try to migrate you automatically. However, if you are using Single Sign-on or any other embed-level configurations or events, manual migration is required. We are always available to help you with the migration process.

V3 Features

Here are the new features of v3 (click to jump to each section).

Redesigned Embed

We redesigned the embed from scratch. It’s faster, more adaptable, and easy to use.

Hyvor Talk Version 3 Embed
Hyvor Talk Version 3 Embed

Our old UI looked more “hyvor-ish”. The new UI feels more native to your website. V3 also inherits font style, size, and color from your website.

Bye <iframe>, welcome Web Components

We have gotten rid of iframes in favor of Web Components. Advantages of this change:

  • Iframes are inherently slow and semantically considered an “embedded version of another webpage”. However, web components are part of your website and much faster than iframes!

  • Better for SEO

  • You can now easily render multiple comment elements on a single page.

  • No more third-party cookies (most browsers have ended support already)

The embed code now looks like this.

2 website-id="YOUR_WEBSITE_ID"
3 page-id="UNIQUE_PAGE_ID"

In-built Dark Mode Support

If your website has a light/dark mode, you can now easily set up Hyvor Talk to change its colors depending on the mode on your website.

In the Console, you can set two different palettes for light and dark modes.

Set Dark Mode Colors in the Hyvor Talk Console
Set Dark Mode Colors in the Console

Then, you can set the colors attribute to set the color mode.

2 website-id=""
3 page-id=""
4 colors="dark"

You can also set it to colors="os" to automatically select the color mode based on the user’s OS settings. Learn more here.

Improved page-level configurations

You can now set all website configurations at the page level. This allows you to use different settings for each page. Ex: one page can have reactions while the other has ratings.

Hyvor Talk Page-level configruations
Page-level configurations

You can see all available options here.

In-embed Moderation

Moderators can now moderate comments, pages, and users directly from the embed.


In-embed Comment Moderation
In-embed Comment Moderation


In-embed page moderation
In-embed page moderation


In-embed User Moderation
In-embed User Moderation

Redesigned Console

V3 has a brand-new Console with a new UI and powerful moderation features.

Hyvor Talk V3 Console
Hyvor Talk v3 Console

Comment Status History

View all status changes of a comment including changes by rules, spam detection, moderators, author, etc.

Comment Status History in Hyvor Talk v3 Console
Comment Status History

Improved User Moderation

View all comments of a user and moderate them in a single place.

User Moderation Hyvor Talk Console
User Moderation

Comment & Pageview Analytics

See an overview of how your website performs.

Analytics Hyvor Talk Console


We understand how important it is to own your data and export them anytime you want when using a SaaS provider. To ensure this, we have updated our export format to allow you to export all your data including comments, pages, users, and website configurations. In addition, we now also support exporting data in the WordPress format. This makes it easy to leave Hyvor Talk anytime you wish. No vendor lock-in.

Console API & Data API

Our new Console API allows you to do everything you do in the Console via API calls. You can use the Console API to automate some of your tasks or build your own in-house Console.

The Data API is a replacement for our old Beta API. This API only returns public data of your website. It is meant to be used in the front end to get data of your website, for example, the latest comments. If you are using our old API, we highly recommend you migrate to our new API in order to benefit from performance upgrades and advanced features such as filtering.

Paid Memberships

Memberships allow you to earn subscription revenue from your community. Users can subscribe to a monthly or annual paid plan on your website (via the comments section).

Learn more about Memberships↗️.


Will there be any new versions?
It is highly unlikely there will be a new version. We will continue to improve features without introducing any breaking changes.

What is coming next?
You can see our roadmap for upcoming features. You are welcome to suggest new features.

Why did you re-write the whole system?
The main reason is that our old system got “out of hand”. We moved from Javascript to Typescript, and from old-school PHP to type-safe PHP (using PHPStan). We also worked hard on adding 95%+ test coverage, and a bunch of E2E tests. We did significant infrastructure changes as well to support millions of users of Hyvor Talk.

If you have any questions/feedback related to v3 or migration, please feel free to comment below or contact us directly.