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Should I Pre- or Post-Moderate Comments?

Whether you are an individual blogger, a team, or a news organization you have to choose between pre- or post-moderation when you add comments to your website.

Comments with Single Sign-on using Hyvor Talk and Auth0

This guide will show you how to add comments to your blog or website with single sign-on using Hyvor Talk and Auth0.

Introducing New Analytics and Customization Options

New analytics and customization options are now available for all users.

How to Run a Live AMA on Your Website?

AMA or "Ask me anything" is a term coined around the Reddit community. You can also host a live AMA on your own site with Hyvor Talk. Let's see how.

8 Tips to Prevent Comment Spam on WordPress Sites

In this article, we will learn what is spam, ways to decrease spam, and software out there to detect spam.

How to Add Comments to Your React-Powered Blog?

Did you create your site or blog using React.js? Or, are you using a React-based framework like Gatsby or Next? Then, this guide is for you. It explains how to add comments to any react-powered blog using Hyvor Talk commenting platform.

How to Set Colors of Hyvor Talk Based On User's OS Theme

This article explains to you how to set the colors of Hyvor Talk based on the user's OS theme

Comments for Ghost Blogs with Hyvor Talk

If you are looking to add comments to your Ghost blog, Hyvor Talk may be a good option, because it....

22 Tips to Create a Successful Business Blog in 2023

You may have heard that the 1 way to increase sales for your business is by utilizing content marketing. To do so, you need a business blog - a successful business blog. This article outlines must-know tips for the guaranteed success of your blog.

Migrate from WordPress to Jekyll in 3 Steps

So, you are here because you need to migrate from WordPress to Jekyll. You are at the right place! I'll explain to you how to do just that in 3 steps (this takes approximately 30 mins).

Jekyll: Ultimate Guide for Creating Websites with Jekyll

In this article, we are going to explain how Jekyll works and how to create a blog with Jekyll (and publish it for free to GitHub Pages).

Adding Comments to Static Sites

Many bloggers are gradually switching to Static Site Generators for their blog sites. Even if they use static sites, they usually expect one dynamic thing: comments. So, in this article, we'll be explaining how to add comments to your static site.