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Hyvor Talk v2

Hyvor Talk v2

We’ve been working on re-writing the whole system in the last month. Why?

Adding Comments to Your Vue Application with Hyvor Talk

Adding Comments to Your Vue Application with Hyvor Talk

Do you have a website, application, or blog which is powered by Vue.js? Or, are you using a Vue-based framework like Vuetify or Nuxt? This guide explains how to add comments to any Vue application using the Hyvor Talk commenting platform.

User Badges, Shadow Banning, Trusting, Email Moderation, and more...

We have some updates to make moderation much easier and fun.

How to Start a Blog with Hexo?

Hexo is a simple and fast blogging static site generator. If you like to work with files rather than UIs (Ex: WordPress), Hexo will be a great option for you. When working with Hexo, you'll need to use the command line and work with HTML, and CSS files.

2020 in Review & Happy New Year!

2020 is the first year of Hyvor Talk. As a newcomer to the commenting system market, we could achieve a lot. This is a short review of what happened throughout this year.

From Almost Shutting Down to 100 Paying Customers

Yesterday, we got our 100th paying customer for Hyvor Talk. As an independent bootstrapped product, this is a huge milestone.

Add Comments to Your Firebase Application with Hyvor Talk (Single Sign-on)

If you are using Firebase for authentication on your Web applications, you can add embedded comments to it using Hyvor Talk and its Single Sign-on feature.

Add Commenting to Your PHP Application with Single Sign-on

Creating a commenting system from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. If you want to add commenting functionality to your existing PHP application, you can use Hyvor Talk embedded comments system with Single Sign-on.

Saying "Goodbye" to the Free Plan

Starting from the 5th of September 2020, we are completely removing the free plan from Hyvor Talk. Users who signed up before the time of this change will have their account upgraded to the premium plan with 5,000 page views per month for free.

Multi-Nested Comments and More New Features

We've got some new features, especially for large communities. We hope these features will help you keep your visitors engaged on your website.

[New Feature] Link Previewing

We recently introduced embedding support for comments. To make it more interesting, we added a new feature to convert bare links to rich link previews.

Introducing KaTeX (Math) and Embed Support

We are excited to introduce KaTeX and embedding support for comments in Hyvor Talk.