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A Think Piece On Privacy And Big Data

The majority of us in the present and in the immediate future will face the issue of Privacy. Consider this basic thought, which may sound like science fiction, but is actually quite present today.

The Future of Online Commenting

The focus of this post is — The Future of Online Commenting. At this particular juncture, let's dissect the current state of online commenting, and its future. But before we do, let's have a basic look at its history.

How to Start a Blog with Ucraft

This particular blog post will focus on How to Start a Blog with Ucraft. We've covered a great many blog articles that focus on various CMS options and web builders, like — How to Add Comments to Webflow with Hyvor Talk.

Embedding Comments on Strikingly

When Seth Godin says good things about Strikingly, you know you got to check this website builder out. This blog post is all about Embedding Comments on Strikingly.

8 Must-have Components for your Blog

This blog post is about discussing the 8 Must-have Components for your Website. Things have improved a great deal on the web development front where the creation of a website is a far easier experience compared to a few years back.

Commenting Platform: What makes Hyvor Talk Unique

There are a lot of advantages to creating your own circle and integrating a commenting system, and these 5 Reasons For Enabling Comments will show you why you should, too.

6 Types of Blog Comments with Examples

Given the fact that free content is definitely King in this wild wide landscape of interactions, this blog post is focused on the good, bad, and ugly of the type of people who comment. This is why we wrote 6 Types of Blog Comments with Examples.

Content Moderation: The Different Types and its Importance

It’s true that content moderation in its essence is an integral part of managing brand credibility. It is an understatement that user-generated content is an important tool for building brand recognition and trust...

Privacy and Data Protection Issues with the Adoption of SaaS

Before delving into Privacy and Data Protection Issues with the Adoption of SaaS, let's look into Privacy as a whole in the real world. One of the more obvious ways when it comes to data harvesting is through online shopping when we key in our details.

What is a Commenting Strategy?

We've all heard of a Content Strategy, but what is a Commenting Strategy? It could also be called Comment Marketing. To put it in a nutshell, this strategy is a way to earn benefits from community participation....

Add Comments to Weebly with Hyvor Talk

Add Comments to Weebly with Hyvor Talk and increase your engagement drastically.

Adding Comments to Wordpress with Hyvor Talk

Here is how you add comments to WordPress with Hyvor Talk.